carpet cleaning service

what to expect when you hire a carpet cleaner to clean your carpets?

1.      should be polite and knowledgeable

2.    Present Himself or Herself at your door with a Business Card of The Company that you Hired.

3.     Explain to you to the condition of the carpets, and what you can expect to see when the job is finished.

4.    Always a booty on the tech is helpful when entering the home.

5.   explain to the customers if anyone suffer from allergies, because of any fragrance that may arise from the detergents,or deodorizer.

6.  Also they should explain what is been moved around in your home, like light stuff will be no charges,or if heavy stuff is needed to moved will it be extra charges.

7.  all furniture or objects that is put back right away on wet carpet should have plastic pads under objects to avoid a stain from furniture or a blemish.

8. After a successful cleaning of carpets, temperature should be lower in home to avoid high humidity, low moisture will dry carpet faster in a home

9.  what equipment is been used, it is better to have a truck mount unit that have a higher H/P that will result in faster drying time and cleaner carpets because of the extraction process, over a portable machine with a lesser motor

10. Detergents that is been used to clean the carpets, very important, some uses a cheaper brand that have no substances, than some brands that are design to clean the carpets. example: some people love a cheaper shampoo that they buy and some people love a better brand of shampoo to clean your hair. professional brands compare to generic brands.

11.   Call us at Jenbri Carpet Cleaning LLC for any free advise on what to expect,cleaning one home @a time Orlando,Clermont,Winter Garden, Windermere, Leesburg, Tavares, fl 3524254868


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