getting your security deposit back from management companies

just remember that when you rent a home,property from a management company,they are expecting you to take care of the property while you are living in it,or while you are renting it. most management company take a security deposit before you move in,by law they are suppose to keep that security in a escrow bearing account unless they have something else in writing saying where the security is held and how it is being deposit.most mangement company will let you know that when you leave they want you to have that place spotless. but remember that from the time you rent that place to the time you leave,you will have normal wear and tear while living in home. so all you are responsible for is to get the bathrooms clean,carpet,tile floor clean,or woodfloor clean professional,not by yourself ifyou think you cannot do that.carpets,tile,woodfloor cleaning can be done a professional carpet cleaner in your area,which is certified by the IICRC and have some kind of affiliation with a local BBB or chamber of commerce. most management company will try to stall your security deposit by finding faults such as carpets was not done professional. so never try to do that by yourself,or rent a local machine from your local supermarket,those machine do not have any kind of HP,nor PSI to clean a dirty,or soiled carpet.that why dont waste money on those kind of small machines that you rent from your local supermarket. just to be told by the management company it is not cleaned to their satisfaction.dont forget to let then know too that they have to cater for normal wear/tear.also that they have within 30 days depending on what state you are in to notify you about your security deposit,and if any damages is to be paid it have to be stated in letter where security is applied At jenbri Carpet Cleaning We Can Help You To Get Your Security Deposit Back when it comes to carpet cleaning in orlando,davenport,windermere,clermont,leesburg fl.we also provided all in one service for your home,office,if it need a cleaning from carpet,tile,woodfloor,or a move out cleaning service to do all that service. call us at 3524254868 or visit www.jenbri.comcarpet cleaning orlando fl


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