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what to expect when you hire a carpet cleaner to clean your carpets?

1.      should be polite and knowledgeable

2.    Present Himself or Herself at your door with a Business Card of The Company that you Hired.

3.     Explain to you to the condition of the carpets, and what you can expect to see when the job is finished.

4.    Always a booty on the tech is helpful when entering the home.

5.   explain to the customers if anyone suffer from allergies, because of any fragrance that may arise from the detergents,or deodorizer.

6.  Also they should explain what is been moved around in your home, like light stuff will be no charges,or if heavy stuff is needed to moved will it be extra charges.

7.  all furniture or objects that is put back right away on wet carpet should have plastic pads under objects to avoid a stain from furniture or a blemish.

8. After a successful cleaning of carpets, temperature should be lower in home to avoid high humidity, low moisture will dry carpet faster in a home

9.  what equipment is been used, it is better to have a truck mount unit that have a higher H/P that will result in faster drying time and cleaner carpets because of the extraction process, over a portable machine with a lesser motor

10. Detergents that is been used to clean the carpets, very important, some uses a cheaper brand that have no substances, than some brands that are design to clean the carpets. example: some people love a cheaper shampoo that they buy and some people love a better brand of shampoo to clean your hair. professional brands compare to generic brands.

11.   Call us at Jenbri Carpet Cleaning LLC for any free advise on what to expect,cleaning one home @a time Orlando,Clermont,Winter Garden, Windermere, Leesburg, Tavares, fl 3524254868


secrets to a long lasting carpet

jenbri  have been  carpet cleaning Orlando, windermere,davenport clermont Homes all over Orange,Lake,Polk county in Florida for over 10 yrs. from our experience we have seen carpets that was not properly maintained on a regular Basics, homes that was only purchased and lived in 1 year, to 10 yrs.Homes that have pets such as dogs, cats,birds which are the most popular in homes. people tends to neglect their carpet and tile floor over a period of time which eventually take a toll.

From not Vacuuming their floor or carpets on a weekly basic or even getting their carpet clean by a professional carpet cleaner. it is advise that you get your carpet cleaning Orlando at least every 10mths depending on the foot traffic that come through your home everyday. first you will need to always keep up with the vacuuming every week with a good strong and powerful vacuum such as  we like to use sanitaire,eureka, Vacuum. you do that for your life as long as you have carpets and you will see a difference in your carpets. now we at jenbri knows it hard to keep up with kids,but you will have to make sacrifice. let us clean your carpet and tile/grout floor if you want to save your investment we serve Orlando,Clermont,davenport,windermere fl 3524254868

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getting your security deposit back from management companies

just remember that when you rent a home,property from a management company,they are expecting you to take care of the property while you are living in it,or while you are renting it. most management company take a security deposit before you move in,by law they are suppose to keep that security in a escrow bearing account unless they have something else in writing saying where the security is held and how it is being deposit.most mangement company will let you know that when you leave they want you to have that place spotless. but remember that from the time you rent that place to the time you leave,you will have normal wear and tear while living in home. so all you are responsible for is to get the bathrooms clean,carpet,tile floor clean,or woodfloor clean professional,not by yourself ifyou think you cannot do that.carpets,tile,woodfloor cleaning can be done a professional carpet cleaner in your area,which is certified by the IICRC and have some kind of affiliation with a local BBB or chamber of commerce. most management company will try to stall your security deposit by finding faults such as carpets was not done professional. so never try to do that by yourself,or rent a local machine from your local supermarket,those machine do not have any kind of HP,nor PSI to clean a dirty,or soiled carpet.that why dont waste money on those kind of small machines that you rent from your local supermarket. just to be told by the management company it is not cleaned to their satisfaction.dont forget to let then know too that they have to cater for normal wear/tear.also that they have within 30 days depending on what state you are in to notify you about your security deposit,and if any damages is to be paid it have to be stated in letter where security is applied At jenbri Carpet Cleaning We Can Help You To Get Your Security Deposit Back when it comes to carpet cleaning in orlando,davenport,windermere,clermont,leesburg fl.we also provided all in one service for your home,office,if it need a cleaning from carpet,tile,woodfloor,or a move out cleaning service to do all that service. call us at 3524254868 or visit Continue reading

How To Take Care Of Your Area Rug

Rugs are a big expense and you want to make them last for a very long time. With the proper care and maintenance you can make any rug last for years while looking great and keeping your floor warm.

When you are ready to place your rug down on your floor be sure to first add a rug pad that is between 3mm and 6mm in thickness. This should allow enough support throughout the rug and help wear and tear on your floor. When the padding starts to wear down you can replace it completely and still get several years of enjoyment from your rug. Because rug padding helps protect your floor and help your rug stay in place it can easily wear down quickly, especially in high traffic areas.

Depending on your rug design you need to turn your rugs on a regular basis. Over time, rugs can show sun fading as well as traffic wear. If you can turn your rugs around often you can increase the life of your rug. But only do this if the rug design allows.

Cleaning your rugs can save them. If you cannot clean your rug then it would be a great idea to hire a professional to come in and clean it for you. Their equipment can help clean the rug in no time and leave you with a fresh clean rug ready to last you a few more years. Over time, dirt and grime can wear down the fibers causing it to crumble. It can also change the look and feel of the rug.

Vacuuming your rug can wear down the fibers and weaken the rug. This can make it more prone to tearing and weakness. Avoid vacuuming whenever possible. When you want to dry a rug don’t hang it. This can also cause damage to the rug. Instead lay the rug flat on the floor or ground and allow the rug to dry naturally. If ends fold upward after it’s dry simply place a heavy object, such as a book, on each corner for a few days. Once it is set it won’t fold upward anymore.

If the rug is in front of a window you need to have a full length curtain on the window that can help shield the sun from directly shining on the rug. This will help preserve the life of your rug and keep the colors bright.

Avoid pulling on your rug when you are moving it. Instead roll up the rug then transfer it. You will also want to avoid folding the rug before moving. When you fold a rug it can cause the fiber holding the rug on the back to tear. This can also cause creases that will not come out. If you are moving a rug out of the home it’s best to place the rug that is rolled up on top of your furniture pieces instead of setting furniture on top of the rug. When you are ready to unroll the rug note any corners that fold up. Place a book or other heavy object on each of the rolled up corners to help anchor them down for a few days. If you see any creases they will fade away the more you walk on them.

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